Opening the Lines of Electronic Communication

By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 12.19.2012 | 0 comments

We’re pleased to announce the release of the revised Prepare Training® Opening the Lines of Electronic Communication Topic Module. This module is now available to Prepare Training® Certified Instructors through our regular ordering process. This and other Topic Modules may be taught in conjunction with the Foundation Course, other Topic Modules, and Specialized Training Segments. This Topic Module examines methods for communicating effectively in any form of electronic communication.

Most organizations throughout the world use one or more types of electronic communication systems every day. These systems offer potential time, cost, and personnel savings and can result in more efficient service to internal and external customers. Used effectively, electronic communication can be very helpful. In many ways, it has changed the face of workplace communication.

As with other information-sharing methods, there are challenges involved in electronic communication. Unless the communication method involves a real-time visual, body language is often absent. Paraverbal communication is often challenging in many forms of electronic communication, making the intent of a message unclear at times. Clever graphics and shorthand can also make the intended message unclear.

As a result, information can be missed or misinterpreted. This can lead to anxiety, defensiveness, and anger. As these behaviors escalate, it’s easy to lose sight of the guiding principles of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.

Opening the Lines of Electronic Communication expands on the concepts and skills from the Foundation Course and other Topic Modules through more in-depth practical application to workplace situations.

Participation in this Prepare Training® program Topic Module will empower participants to:

  • Consider the effects of the communication methods commonly used in today’s workplace.
  • Explore methods for preventing misunderstandings and communicating with Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Examine strategies for responding to anxious and/or defensive behaviors that result from different communication methods.
  • Consider aspects of Postvention relative to workplace problems stemming from electronic communication issues.

CPI encourages Certified Instructors to take advantage of Topic Modules both to expand on the Foundation Course and to refresh employees in vital concepts and skills. Topic Modules also provide you with the opportunity to tailor information to specific employee groups, or to address issues that occur in an identified problem area within your organization.


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