CPI Merit Instructor Earns Y Peace Medal

“’If my work has made a difference I hope it is through a willingness to feel people's fear while fortifying their strength and courage to overcome.’”
Louise Bick believes treating people with respect and dignity is essential to helping them lead full, happy lives, especially in the face of daily struggles. A behavior consultant with the New Horizons agency in Kamloops, British Columbia, Bick works to support adults who have developmental disabilities and their care partners.
Bick has been a CPI Certified Instructor for the past 20 years, using Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to emphasize listening, empathy, and maintaining a therapeutic environment. She was recently recognized by CPI as a Meritorious Instructor for her commitment to Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM, the key philosophy behind Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.
On November 20, 2013, Bick received the Kamloops Y Peace Medal to honor her for her dedication to helping persons in need. Jim Keats, executive director of New Horizons, credits Bick with inspiring the community beyond her workplace, showing how everyone has a part to play in building a safe, peaceful environment.
In turn, Bick is inspired by the very people she helps. “People have taught me that anything in life can be faced,” she said. “[Th]e human spirit is powerful and resilient.”
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