Meritorious Instructors in Lafayette Earn More Praise

For the past 12 years, CPI Certified Instructors Carleen Doucet and Mary Landgrave have made the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM philosophy a tangible reality for close to 3,000 employees in the Lafayette Parish School System. Their dedication has helped reduce both the district’s use of restraints and student assaults on staff every year.
One secret to their success is empowerment. “‘Our goal is to empower teachers to control their own behavior to control students,’” Doucet said.
Landgrave agrees. “‘If [staff is] in adult mode, they won’t get into the power struggle with the student,’” she said, adding that part of the training involves shifting staff mindset from using restraint as a first resort. Staff are taught verbal inventions to de-escalate disruptive and potentially harmful situations, and are reminded not to take student behavior personally.
Both Doucet and Landgrave have received the Meritorious Instructor distinction from CPI, and were recently celebrated with their school district for exemplary achievement in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.
Listen to Doucet talk about building effective relationships between staff and students.

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