Making Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

So as another year on the calendar is winding to a close and a new one will soon begin, you may be like me and find yourself both looking back at what all was accomplished in the last 365 days and planning for what you want your next 12 months to be like.

In the same way we do this as individuals and in relation to our personal lives, we can similarly chart our professional successes and make some New Year’s resolutions for the cultures of care we work within. 

CPI has a variety of tools to help Certified Instructors with this process individually and as organizations.

One tool you could use for taking inventory and setting some goals is our handout called Forty Ways to Promote and Support Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ Within Your Organization. This collection of suggestions will get you thinking about your organization’s mission, priorities, hiring and orientation practices, education/training efforts, climate, culture, policies and procedures, and systems. The philosophy of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training is not something that should just get a quick mention once a year during training—it should drive our daily actions and decision making.

Another collection of templates Instructors could use are our Climate and Culture Inventory, Leadership Inventory, and Personal Assessment Inventory forms. These Likert scale rating surveys could be used by a single employee, a department, a management group, or an entire staff in order to get a read on where things are, to analyze cumulative responses, to take needed action steps, and to round up necessary resources.

A final resource that could help with your New Year’s resolutions is the Personal Prevention Plan. This workbook, which many Instructors use for refreshers, could also be informally used as a self-assessment and benchmarking tool. Its purpose is to get the user to reflect on their day-to-day use of course content . . . are you truly transferring what was learned in training to your daily workplace realities? Each unit offers a series of action steps to select from in follow-up to a series of assessment questions.

I resolve to use one of these tools and I challenge you to do the same. Let’s make 2015 a momentous year in all of our organizations!

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