The Fine Food Trend in Senior Living

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If you work in senior living or have a loved one in care, you’re likely seeing the trend toward healthier and more appetizing food for seniors growing steadily. In many facilities, the days of canned peas and gravy mix are fading, replaced by dietitian, resident, and family commands for fresher food with more nutrients and flavor, and a better feeling of home. Just as with their physical environments, facilities are responding to the call for person-centered care by making menus less institutional and more pleasing to the senses.

A New York Times article attributes much of this trend to the demands of aging baby boomers, who are often used to quality food from farmers’ markets and good restaurants, and notes too that “Fresh, well-prepared food also offers a therapeutic advantage in centers where the nursing staff constantly battles fading memories, taste buds and appetites.”

For more on the role of fresh food and nutrition in senior living, check out Nutrition and Dementia: A Review of Available Research [PDF] from Alzheimer's Disease International.

Also don't miss this infographic from Presidio Home Care, which illustrates the benefits of superfoods like salmon and kale—while inspiring a smile with its caped-crusading blueberry, walnut, and sweet-potato superheroes. Like and share it or print it out!

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