CPI's Bill Badzmierowski was interviewed by FIREFighting in Canada. In "Safety First," Bill and other subject matter experts address Canadian fire departments and firefighter unions challenged by Ontario Bill 168.

Bill 168 affects Ontario fire and EMS, as well as every employer in the province of Ontario. It took effect on June 15, 2010, amending the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace.

Bill 168 represents a significant change in how, and to what extent, both workplace violence and harassment are regulated in Ontario. It also broadens the definitions of workplace violence and places new requirements on Ontario employers. Both training and written policies and procedures are included in these requirements.

FIREFighting in Canada is a prime contributor to protection and prevention in fire and related service industries. Both fire and EMS professionals use the magazine as an education and training resource in their departments.

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