During your Instructor Certification Program, we explored a variety of facilitation methods that are highly effective with adult learners. We emphasized the fact that an interactive approach is best in both delivering lectures and in leading activities. Lectures can be further enhanced through visual reinforcement of key points.

Most Prepare Training® program Teaching Notes suggest specific content that should be reinforced visually. You can use many different types of visual teaching aids when conducting the Foundation Course, Topic Modules, and Specialized Training Segments. Examples include flip charts, whiteboards, chalkboards, transparencies, and Electronic Presentations and other electronic visual aids.

Electronic visual aids are valuable for many reasons. Numerous software packages are available for their design. These include Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice.org Impress (open source), and countless others. All provide an effective way to highlight key points and ensure good time management.

CPI Electronic Presentations enhance your delivery of several Prepare Training® courses and save valuable time and energy. They reinforce lectures by integrating smoothly with the guided note-taking technique and the design of the Participant Workbooks. They run on the vast majority of Windows- and Mac-based computers throughout the world. Simple and clear instructions are included with their purchase.

CPI Electronic Presentations are not “PowerPoint files,” and do not function in the same way. In fact, they may function differently from many other types of software-based presentation files. Because we work with a diverse base of Certified Instructors worldwide, our product offerings consider many different technologies.

One primary difference between PowerPoint files and our Electronic Presentations is that the presentations cannot be edited by Certified Instructors. This is because they involve proprietary content that is protected by international copyright laws.

When purchasing CPI Electronic Presentations, be sure to review the instructions, which contain helpful tips, specific hardware requirements, and information on how to use the features.

CPI Electronic Presentations work with the majority of both wireless and wired pointing devices. In rare situations, it is possible that a specific pointing device may not function as described in CPI’s instructions. Should you experience any problem with your CPI Electronic Presentation, please email ptp@crisisprevention.com or call us toll-free at 800.787.5166. Keep in mind that some pointing devices may need a specific driver or may need to be configured for a specific computer setup. In these cases, we may need to refer you back to internal support within your own organization.

For additional information about creatively integrating various audiovisuals into your training, check out “Beyond the Slides: Using Audiovisuals Effectively.”