Hey there! Kim here, very proud and excited to share with you an awesome infographic that beautifully conveys our message of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias with passion and heart. Check out this visual about how our training, memory care consulting, and professional recognition all start with you—your heart, your commitment, and your passion. It’s vital that we care for and guide the millions who have dementia—and their families as well—so please share this infographic and show your support for raising the standard for memory care. Help us spread this important message!
Follow Your Heart Memory Care

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When you have these qualities and you partner with us in our mission to support and guide the millions who have dementia, and to support and guide individuals’ families throughout the disease process as well, you’re helping to address the very real and very serious epidemic we’re all facing with the rise in the incidence of dementia.

As the poster says, your heart is your strongest tool for change. I hope you’ll reach to raise the standard for memory care and to help us create a dementia-capable society—by getting skilled up to implement care and programs that enable people with dementia to enjoy functional participation in meaningful activities, safety, and quality of life at every stage of the disease.

Please help us extend our vital message by sharing this infographic with others. If you work with individuals who have dementia, if someone in your family has dementia, if someone you love has dementia—if anyone you know has dementia, you know how vital it is that we support them in every way we can. Please pass this on by using the share buttons or pasting the infographic’s embed code onto your website. We appreciate, and we need you, as we all strive to make life better for persons with dementia!