Two Important Trends for CPI in 2014

I’d like to talk about two trends that I’ll be watching throughout 2014; one is workplace violence in healthcare, and the other is Alzheimer’s/dementia and particularly Alzheimer’s consulting.  
Nationally, workplace violence against healthcare workers is a continuing problem, but one that CPI is positioned to help organizations reverse. Keeping her eyes and ears wide open on this front is Kendra Stea, CPI’s Director of Client Services (2001–2015). Kendra’s background and knowledge in this area give us a unique perspective, which not only benefits our organization, but those outside of it as well.  
Kendra has supported countless healthcare and mental health organizations in implementing CPI training which has helped them reduce disruptive incidents, restraints, and seclusions. This in turn has helped keep their nurses and patients safer, and as any CEO will tell you, there are also monetary savings when those kinds of outcomes are achieved.
Another thing I’ll be watching is in the Alzheimer’s/dementia arena. As the numbers of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia continue to increase, our own Kim Warchol is helping pave the way to a Dementia Capable Society. As President and Founder of Dementia Care Specialists, Kim has been a much sought after speaker, trainer, and consultant. We saw an uptick in dementia consulting work in 2013, and Kim and her team are keeping busy with more consulting projects in 2014. 
Word is spreading that if your organization works with people with Alzheimer’s/dementia, you need to work with us. We’re busy on projects ranging from collaborating with architects and designing buildings from the ground up, to developing memory care units at existing facilities, implementing staff training (we’re working with 53 VA Hospitals to implement our Dementia Capable Care training), and developing activity plans at assisted living facilities. Nothing is too big or too small for our team in consulting with you. We want to help you deliver the best care you can to those living with Alzheimer’s/dementia and help build a Dementia Capable Society.   

I’m proud of the work Kendra, Kim, and the rest of the CPI team are doing to help organizations around the world help keep their employees and patients safe and their loved ones cared for. You can be sure that CPI will continue to put our resources behind areas that directly affect you.
What are you experiencing with these trends? If you have questions, or need guidance with anything, just let us know. We’re here for you.

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