Do You See Through Empathic Eyes?

Drug seeker. Delinquent. Crazy.

Or . . . Veteran. Abused kid. Alzheimer's. Which do YOU see? 

Being empathic doesn't always come easily. Sometimes it takes a conscious shift in our perceptions to see beyond a surface full of instant impressions.

But if we take the time to look beyond our immediate reactions, we may find things aren't exactly what they seem. 

At CPI, we believe that empathy deepens these necessary perceptions. And more, that empathy itself is the key to providing the compassionate, person-centered care that everyone deserves.  

Watch our Changing Perceptions video to see how just a little change in perception—and empathy—can make a big change in care.

Want more? Here's a great piece by Kendra Stea (former CPI employee) about how a personal experience caused an epiphany in her perceptions, and another by Gary Weber about what it means to be an empathic educator.

How do you help cultivate empathy and perception in yourself, or others?

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