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Southeast New York State

As a business traveler, I do a lot of driving. Some of the driving is great; some I could do without. Driving from the alpine mountains in northeast Arizona down into the valley in Phoenix is great. Driving through Joshua Tree National Park in California also tops on my list. Driving along any coastal highway is always awesome. Sometimes it depends on your attitude. Sometimes it depends on the music you bring with you. I remember a nice drive through the scrublands of Texas that was very enjoyable, but probably only due to the new “Foo Fighters” compact disc I had just purchased.


Sometimes you wish that you were in the back of a limousine while someone else was driving. Like driving from Portland, Maine to Fort Kent right on the Canadian border (six hours) through a blinding snowstorm praying to God that the moose everyone warned you about were taking a break from jaywalking across the highway. Those naughty Washington D.C. traffic jams can get on your nerves as well. And do not even get me started on Chicago traffic.


East coast driving is challenging for those of us who don’t live on the east coast. I grew up in the Midwest. We only had one traffic circle near where I lived and it was such an anomaly that we called it “suicide circle”. They have many traffic circles where I’m at now however. I’m in Southeastern New York State and there seem to be a lot of those here. If you know where you’re going, they are a breeze. If you don’t (like me for example) you end up going round and round them kind of like Chevy Chase and family in National Lampoon’s European Vacation when they kept endlessly circling the Lambeth Bridge roundabout. It’s bad enough when you circle the thing three or four times wondering which road to take, it’s even worse when you make the wrong choice.


Driving overseas can be very stressful, especially in countries where people drive on the side of the street opposite the one that you’re used to. Or in countries whose citizens refuse to obey the traffic laws. I could name names of countries, but I’m too busy right now trying to figure out how I’m ever going to get off this darn roundabout. There’s Big Ben kids!

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