Seeing the Effects of Training in Action

Recently, CPI had the privilege of hosting two visitors from Elgin School District U-46 in Illinois. John Heiderscheidt and Kelvin Lane are two Certified Instructors who are heading a large implementation of CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program in the district.


John is the district safety coordinator for U-46, which is the second-largest public school district in Illinois. Operating in eight communities, it consists of 58 school sites and a bus facility. There are 4,357 employees and 41,303 students in the district.


John was seeking a solution for district staff that would reduce the number of student expulsions in the district. He became a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor in February 2009 and began training district staff in the program.


The initial training was so successful that it was recently documented in the Illinois Daily Herald. In that article, it was revealed that the number of suspensions in the local high schools has decreased from 7,082 in the 2007–2008 school year to 5,110 in the 2009–2010 year. Also, the number of assaults on staff members was reduced from 21 all the way down to 2!


Because his initial programs were so successful, John decided to apply for a Readiness and Emergency for Schools (REMS) grant offered by the US Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS). The funds, designed for school districts to improve their emergency management plans, would allow John to expand Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training in the district. John was awarded the grant, and he was invited to attend the REMS conference in Baltimore this past summer, where he spoke on CPI's programs.


Though hundreds of district employees have already been trained in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program, John's goal is to train every single employee in the district. According to CPI account manager Elizabeth London, the district plans on training all 200 bus drivers and 1,000 staff members by the end of this year.


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We are excited to welcome John to CPI's International Instructors' Conference this summer, where he'll be able to share his success story with Conference attendees.


Even though we know that the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program proves to be effective time and time again, it always encourages and motivates us to learn of these measured successes and see the very real effects of training in action. We congratulate John and his team of Certified Instructors on their accomplishments in U-46. 

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