Introducing Metrics That Matter at CPI

By Becky Benishek | Posted on 01.07.2014 | 0 comments
How do you know your training is effective?

One way, of course, is to see and experience the effects of your training right as the situation happens, whether you’re de-escalating a potentially harmful incident or managing a crisis. Yet seeing is not always believing. Sometimes you need good hard data to show that your training has made a positive effect on job performance. While seeing is often the result of anecdotal information hinting that a change has happened, measuring shows the effects quantitatively, which can be a much stronger argument to continue the training.

CPI has partnered with Knowledge Advisors to assess the effectiveness of CPI training as used by our Certified Instructors. Using a two-part survey tool, we first establish benchmarks by asking Instructors to predict how they will use our training content. 60 days later, we do a follow-up survey that drills down into the specifics, evaluating use and tangible results.

A 2013 survey of 680 Instructors found that:
  • 48% experienced a significant decrease in the use of restraints,
  • 55% experienced a significant decrease in injuries to staff and care receivers, and
  • 85% experienced a significant increase in safety for staff and care receivers.

Click here for more highlights from the 2013 evaluation, and get crisis intervention tips and techniques.

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