Case Study: Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility

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Case Study [PDF]


Pine Hills had been teaching Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training to their staff for years. But they still averaged 73 workers’ compensation claims a year—all resulting from staff responding with physical intervention to control aggressive youth.

“For years we didn’t fully use everything the training gave us,” said Jeffrey Holland, Quality Assurance Manager for the facility. “Our primary focus was the physical elements of the program.”

Seeing the data on use of force and resulting injuries, Holland knew something had to change. He knew staff needed to take another look at the heart of CPI training: the verbal intervention strategies.


Pine Hills changed their focus and started reviewing core training concepts monthly. They also introduced advanced training in Enhancing Verbal Skills.

With a new mindset in place, staff were re-trained with an emphasis on de-escalating conflict verbally.


Within a year of putting verbal de-escalation first, Pine Hills decreased:
  • 48% of all youth major rule violations
  • 80% of injuries to staff
  • 85% of injuries to youth resulting from use of force
  • 87% of frequency of use of force
  • 90.5% of workers’ compensation staff injury claims
For more on the success at Pine Hills, check out Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Outcomes.

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