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Just Because

So here’s the first blog post from CPI’s European contingent. I’m told it’s traditional when writing blogs to develop an over-arching theme; to be consistent; to give your audience what they want (assuming you know who your audience is).

Well, that sounds like hard work to me, and is probably a reason it’s taken me so long to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) until now.

So what changed? I walked into our town centre at lunchtime to pick up some delicious, nutritious items for lunch (as I ought to at my age) and chuckled and smiled on the way back as a young child of four or five ran along, skipping, jumping, waving arms frantically, and smiling madly—doing something just because it was fun.

As the father of a two-year-old boy, I should be used to this. My son is at the jumping, climbing, and jumping-off-the-thing-he’s-climbed stage, and it all makes him laugh and giggle. I tried to think about when was the last time I did something spontaneously just because it was ‘fun’. I exercise mainly to get to work or because I feel I ought to; I read books I feel might ‘improve’ me; I walk in the park because the dog needs walking—any of this sound familiar? The majority of you work in organisations that have the care of others as their primary responsibility, but how often do you do something for yourself just because it’s fun? Or because it makes you feel better?

So here’s my challenge to you all. Today, tomorrow, by the end of the week, do something fun. Hop, skip, jump down the street; read a trashy novel; listen to your ‘guilty pleasure’ album, whatever—I assure you it’ll make you smile and set you up for the challenges ahead (and do share it with us).

Me? I’m going to go for a run and climb a tree or run through a stream or hop and skip like a five-year-old.

Coming back to the theme of my blog from here on in, I’ll be going with the flow and drawing on tree-climbing inspiration. Whilst I will aim to be informative and relevant, I do hope I find time to occasionally just have fun.