Let's Help People With Dementia to Thrive!

Hey there! I’m pleased to introduce my first video blog. I do a lot of traveling and consulting, and video blogging is a great way for me to communicate to you what’s on my mind as I attend conferences, meet with other leaders in the field of dementia care, and consult with organizations that are committed to improving life for people with dementia.

Check out this video blog, which is the first in a flurry of “vlogs” to come—and share it with those you know who, like me and you, are dedicated to creating a dementia-capable society—a society that is adept at helping people with dementia to not suffer, but to thrive. A society in which we are all—family members, professional caregivers, everyone—skilled at making people with dementia feel safe and loved. 

Click on the player below to watch the video. Also click on the image above (on the top right), and share its message of caring with your Facebook friends!



Here’s a transcript of my first vlog:

Hey there! Kim here. Just arrived in Cincinnati to do consulting for an assisted living community that’s providing memory care services. They are just so dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer’s to thrive. They want to be able to do their assessments to discover the person’s life story and their real potential and best ability to function. They want to take all that information and put it into the care that they deliver every day to really make a difference in the lives of the people that they’re servicing.

I couldn’t be happier to be here. And as I arrived tonight in Cincinnati to work with this client again (I come every month), I’m just thinking, Why is this such an anomaly? Why are there so few senior living communities who really have this dedication to helping those with Alzheimer’s who live in these communities to thrive? Why is this such a rarity? I don’t know. I’m just sitting here tonight thinking about that, and I’m also feeling blessed that I am working with this community and that so many people who are living there will have a better life as a result.



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