Art Helps Iris Grace Live More Fully With Autism

Photo: Iris Grace / ParentDish
Patience, a painting by Iris Grace Halmshaw, looks like an Impressionist take on a woodland scene, with rocky terrain in the foreground and young trees in the background. It’s been compared to the work of Monet, but it wasn’t created by a trained artist.
Would it surprise you to learn that Iris is just three years old? Diagnosed with autism in 2011, Iris speaks little and has difficulty interacting with others. But her artwork helps her express herself. Since starting a variety of therapies, she has come to interact more intimately with her parents and to communicate through vocalizations, signs, and, of course, art.
Profits from prints of Iris’s paintings are going toward her supplies and therapies, and toward charities such as the UK’s National Autistic Society, the Autism Research Trust, and London’s Special Yoga Centre, which offers yoga therapy for kids and young adults with special needs.
Learn more about Iris’s painting technique on her website, curated by her mom. You can also follow Iris Grace Painting on Facebook.

Iris Grace Painting from Iris Grace on Vimeo.

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