Corporal Punishment in Schools: Federal Bill 5005

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Federal Bill 5005, the Ending the Use of Corporal Punishment in Schools Act, was introduced on June 26, 2014 and is co-sponsored by Representative George Miller, who also sponsored HR1381, the Keeping All Students Safe Act (KASSA), in 2013.
The bill is designed to ensure the safety of all students and school personnel, to promote a positive school culture and climate, and to assist states, local educational agencies, and schools in identifying and implementing effective evidence-based models to prevent and reduce the use of corporal punishment in schools.
If passed, the act would require state educational agencies to report to each state’s Secretary of State a plan that provides assurances to the secretary that the state has in effect policies and procedures that eliminate the use of corporal punishment in schools, a description of that state’s policies and procedures, and a description of the state's plans to ensure that school personnel and parents, including private school personnel and parents, are aware of the state’s policies and procedures.
Read the latest draft of the Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act of 2014.
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