School Scores High in Safety and Innovation

By Erin Harris | Posted on 07.24.2014 | 0 comments
Staff at Phillips Middle School came up with an excellent solution . . . that is superior to anything I have seen in my visits to thousands of K12 schools over the years,” writes school safety expert Michael Dorn.
What did they do? Staff and students at the school in Chapel Hill, NC innovated a creative way to clearly mark student restroom designations. By painting murals that depict male and female students outside of the restrooms, the school “significantly reduced the opportunity for a student to enter a restroom designed for students of the opposite sex, [either] intentionally or accidentally.”
This helps students feel safer from other students or intruders entering the wrong restroom and causing embarrassment or harm. Additionally, Dorn, the executive director of Safe Havens International—an organization that helps schools and school systems improve crisis preparedness and campus safety—writes that this kind of innovation helps improve school climate and culture. Learn more in his post, “An A+ in School Safety.”

And let us know—what kinds of projects do you do in your school to showcase student talent and increase safety?

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