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What I Learned From CPI Training

Photo: Catherine Yeulet / Thinkstock
It takes a special kind of person to work in the human services field.

When we employees start at CPI, we get to go through Nonviolent Crisis Intervention®, Prepare Training®, or Dementia Capable Care training the same as over one million professionals did in 2013.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. I was excited to learn more about our organization and how we affect the industries in which we operate. I’d heard from coworkers, Certified Instructors, and participants how life-changing our training is, but surely this was just like any other company training—just sitting in a lecture and taking notes.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training could not have been further from just sitting around and taking notes. The Instructor provided us with tools and knowledge to apply to our workplaces, and mixed this all with open discussion from the participants—most of whom work in education, healthcare, mental health, community homes, etc. We completed a few activities together and before I knew it, we were out of our seats applying what we learned right there.

We practiced lots of strategies, such as safety techniques and communication skills to de-escalate someone before things can get out of control. We had more open discussion with participants giving their insight about their experiences. Everyone shared real scenarios from their profession. And they didn’t relate only interactions with their clients, but situations with their bosses, administrators, and coworkers too.

It was eye-opening just listening to what my fellow participants face each day. One person prays for her safety and the cooperation of her clients before work each day. Another recalled a time a student ripped a door off its hinge. Another stated that when going into her classroom each morning, she scans for clothing items or classroom materials that could be used as a weapon against her. 

Despite these trials, each person goes to work each day just as motivated as the day before, wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. Hearing the realities of their work, I developed a big appreciation for the care they provide.

Going in to training, I knew CPI was the worldwide standard for crisis prevention, but what really makes us so different from our competitors? There are tons of things that I've learned about since, like the ongoing support we provide to our customers. But in that training room, I was struck by concepts like:
  • Rational Detachment. Sometimes we find it hard to let work go when we’re home, and never feel we’ve left our workplace. Learning how to manage a good work-life balance and how not to take others’ behaviors personally can have a positive effect on the quality of work we do.
  • Empathic Listening. This can be helpful in any situation. We can build better rapport and maintain relationships better when we are nonjudgmental and listen for the true message being conveyed.
  • The Integrated Experience. Knowing what response to anticipate and how to react to that response is crucial in an interaction with a patient/student/client, boss, or coworker. Understanding behavior levels and approaches is pretty simple, but it also takes practice to learn how to respond appropriately.

For educators, healthcare specialists, assisted living workers, government employees, and all the dozens of kinds of professionals that CPI trains, there are multiple factors that play roles in the service they provide to clients, patients, students, etc. One great thing is that the models we learned in training can be applied to almost any relationship and any field of work.

Human service professionals are always giving. They give their time and effort each day to ensure that their clients and students are the most successful while in their care. They truly embody the mission of CPI: to ensure the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ of everyone.

I now understand why my colleagues are so passionate about the business we do and the people we help. Everything we do here at CPI is to make our customers successful in their workplace, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of that mission.