Not at NOLA? No Worries! 5 Ways We’ve Got You Covered

You’ve seen it brought up here on our website and in our publications. You’ve heard about it in our webinars and podcasts. You’ve gotten mail and email about all the excitement. It’s happening now—CPI’s 2015 Instructors’ Conference

And if you’re unable to attend for one reason or another, you may be thinking to yourself, “Big bummer . . . I can tell I’m missing out on something really huge!” 
Well I want to assure you that that does not mean you’re completely out of luck.

For one, even if you're not at #cpinola, you can follow along with some of the great pictures on the Twitter feed. Plus, here are five ways we can meet your needs anytime:
  1. In the coming months, keep an eye on our website and publications for some of the event’s content to be shared and discussed. 
  2. Get more involved in your online Instructor Community. Browse all the available groups and join in on a couple topics that interest you. Post a question or a resource or read tips shared by your fellow Instructors. 
  3. Join an existing Instructor Chapter in your region or help start one. These are wonderful networking opportunities and a way to work on special projects or initiatives together as a team. 
  4. Give us a call at 877.877.5390 and let us know what you need or what type of resources you’re looking for. As an Instructor, one of your membership benefits is phone consultation with a member of our Global Professionals team. We’re here for you Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time. 
  5. Start your planning now to be able to join us at the next Instructor’s Conference! Two years will fly by in no time, and you can be working now to secure the budget you’ll need then to be able to join us. Especially if you know you’ll be due for a renewal course in 2017, don’t miss out on this very special way to meet that requirement!

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