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How to Change the Lives of Troubled Kids! Author Jessica Minahan Featured on CPI Podcast

Author, special educator, and behavior analyst Jessica Minahan is dedicated to demystifying problematic behavior in K-6 students, and she brings over 17 years of experience supporting students who exhibit challenging behavior in urban public schools to the task. By grouping students in four basic, recognizable categories, she is able to decode the hidden cause at the root of problem behavior and suggest practical and immediate strategies to effectively improve the student response and experience. 

Jessica recently spoke with me for the latest episode of Unrestrained, the CPI podcast series. The interview centered around her recent book, The Behavior Code: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students (Harvard Education Press, 2012), a how-to guide for decoding problematic behavior. 

In the interview, Jessica explains why children would behave if only they could, and she illuminates the idea that a student’s misbehavior is almost always due to an underdeveloped skill.
For educators, parents, or anyone charged with providing Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ in their workplace, Jessica’s interview is packed with practical advice and effective strategies that can help teachers get to the root of problem behavior and address it in understanding and constructive ways. Along the way, Jessica offers practical ideas to improve student comprehension and behavior that teachers can put in place right away.

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