How to Make the Most of NOLA

We’re getting ready! It won’t be much longer before you get to see each other and we get to see you at our latest Instructors’ Conference, where you’ll be enhancing your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® learning, adding more skills, customization, and confidence, and doing a whole lot of networking right in the soulful city of New Orleans.

As you pack your suitcase, pack these tips too to make the most of your time with us, whether it’s for a couple days or the whole week.

And here’s your Official NOLA Soundtrack [YouTube] to set the mood with 50 songs from different styles and eras!
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Before NOLA
  • Join the Instructor Community. If you’re already a Certified Instructor, start networking now with old and new friends on the CPI Instructor Community. Sign up here if you haven’t joined yet! We have a special Instructors’ Conference 2015 group set aside to help you plan meetups and discuss your schedule. Look for all sorts of Conference-related things, from speaker bios to where to eat if you’re vegan (or not).
  • Share your plans on Twitter. Everyone is welcome to use the Twitter hashtag #cpinola! If you aren’t an Instructor yet but are planning on becoming one at NOLA, use #cpinola to find and connect with other people who are in the same boat. Don’t forget to follow @CPI_Training, too!
  • Download the mobile app. With Instructor Community, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration, the CPI NOLA 15 app [iTunes] is your ultimate social sidekick. Use it to schedule your week, connect with conference attendees and CPI staff, view the interactive map to guide you to all your sessions, and participate in live polls and surveys to win fabulous prizes.

    In addition, for each survey completed, CPI will donate $1 to the Covenant House of New Orleans for homeless and at-risk teens, which helps provide ways for young adults to become productive citizens, and reunite with their families if possible. A chance for you to win prizes while donating to a great organization…sounds like a win-win!
  • Set your goals. Interested in discussing issues and trends that affect you and impact your organization? Want to talk about what’s working great and what you could use some help fixing? Are there certain people you’re hoping to meet?

    Whatever else you do, keep your goals in mind as you look over the schedule. For example, Thursday and Friday will have a ton of practice-sharing forums and Lunch’n’Learns.
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During NOLA
  • Get social. We’ve got a lot of stuff planned and realize you can’t be everywhere at once, so use our cool social media tools to find out where you should be going next. Now’s the time to download the free CPI NOLA 15 app [iTunes] if you haven’t already. And: Sign up for the Instructor Community!
  • Connect with CPI staff and speakers—live! We can’t wait to explore new perspectives with you. Ask your questions, present your views, and get immediate feedback right in person.
  • “If I learned one thing, it’s ___”. Because each session is jam-packed with new content, new perspectives, and new ways to collaborate, ask yourself what key takeaway you can bring back to your organization for every session you attend. Don’t forget to jot them down! Bonus points for posting your impressions in the Instructors’ Conference 2015 Group in the Community.
  • Get into after-hours fun. The Soul of CPI and NOLA await at the Conference Kick-Off Reception on Wednesday, 7/22. On Thursday, 7/23, a harmonious serving of dinner and song await you as the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas, graces our event. Then head out on the town for an eventful evening guided by our special NOLA Committee.
  • Take some selfies. No, really. You’re the reason why we’re having this Conference, so we want to see YOU—having fun, creating Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM good times, etc. Post your pics (and no, you don’t have to be in them if you don’t want to) in the Community in the Instructors’ Conference 2015 Group, or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #cpinola. And you never know, you might see something wandering around to help you take a great pic.
  • Take full advantage of New Orleans! There’s no better person to introduce you to NOLA than Jeff DeMars. Here are his Top 20 Must-Sees to round out your plans.
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After NOLA:
  • Stay in touch with your new friends! Make your experiences last beyond NOLA. While the memories are still fresh in your mind, keep your connections fresh, too, through the Instructor Community. We’re all busy people, and having one place to keep track of things can help. The Community Manager (that’s me!) is happy to help you navigate around and find who you want and what you need.
  • Share your experience. Sharing what you learned helps everybody, from yourself all the way to the people who couldn’t go themselves. Use your key takeaways and what others have shared and present them at your next staff meeting. Show how you’ve reaped The Positive ROI of Conference by immersing yourself in this valuable experience!
  • Put your new skills into practice. You just spent a week becoming an even more amazing Instructor. When you get back to work, keep the passion going: Schedule a training to start putting those new options and skills into practice for your entire organization so you’ll all benefit and be even more committed to Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM!

And even if you forget to pack this list (or your toothbrush), remember this: We can’t wait to see you!

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