I Am EVERYWHERE! (And So Are You)

During CPI’s 2015 Instructors’ Conference in NOLA, I said this a lot. 
Because when you walk 13.6 miles in one day (true story!), you kind of are EVERYWHERE!
At least, that’s what it felt like. 
I was everywhere because there were things that needed to be done: gathering supplies, caffeinating our Conference coordinator Shawn, making sure my coworkers had what they needed, ensuring that Global Professional Manager Marvin Sharp’s birthday was properly celebrated . . . You know, the usual conference happenings. 
I was everywhere because there were connections to make and to refresh, there were so many hugs to give and receive, and I can’t forget the updates from Certified Instructors I’ve worked with over the years. 
Of course, I also started a Yammy frenzy (he's our Instructor Community mascot), so then I was everywhere because people wanted to be seen with Yammy. Which led to more connections, more hugs, more updates . . .  You know, the usual CPI Conference happenings. 

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Now that it’s over, I miss the excitement, the connections, and the positive energy of being around so many good people who live the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program philosophy. I miss hearing the successes (and a few struggles) of Certified Instructors I’ve trained.
I’m also grateful for our social media guru Becky’s suggestion to bring Yammy, because he helped generate even more of that energy, and I cannot help but smile when I look at that plush little blue square. 
I miss being everywhere—and seeing a familiar face (or five) everywhere! 
As someone who’s been to a conference or two in her time, I can say with some accuracy that CPI’s conferences are unlike any others. It feels like a family reunion of sorts, attended only by all of the fun relatives! We genuinely care about one another by choice, and we are bound together by our belief in the program philosophy. We bring out the best in one another, we inspire one another, and truly respect one another. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of that. 
And now, we’re on to planning the 2017 conference in Milwaukee. I heard this just today, and did a little internal happy dance (think of the Carlton, but with less rhythm). So I’ll help where I’m needed, and certify new Instructors at future programs. So that in 2017, there will be more hugs, more updates, more connections. 
I cannot wait.
And I will be EVERYWHERE! (And my little buddy Yammy will probably be with me too.)

THANK YOU, Certified Instructors, for an amazing week!

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