Setting a Pace to Leave Burnout Behind

When you care for others, you give of yourself—on call, in the ED, in the office . . . and that sometimes leads to exhaustion and taking the bad days personally. Sometimes the volume of responsibilities, stress, and your daily grind of paperwork clog your connection to why you entered the health care field.
Reasons why burnout happens abound. Fortunately, there are also many ways to recharge, revitalize your approach to care, and take care of you, too.
To that end, the American Medical Association and Medical Group Management Association launched the STEPS Forward initiative. A Becker’s Hospital Review article shares details on this expanding collection of adaptive strategies to help physicians “refocus their practices to confront common challenges and devote more time to caring for patients.”
The site launched last month, and it’s still adding to its store of resources and supports for health care professionals. The site offers an array of interactive modules on best practices and both physician and patient health. Topics include preventing burnout, boosting resiliency, and fostering a cohesive culture through teamwork.
The most exciting part? You could contribute to this effort by proposing a strategy to adapt and improve practices. The deadline is September 1, and here are the submission details.
When you care for others, you give your time and dedication, your compassion and encouragement—your very best to help the people whose lives you touch.
You are a tremendous blessing in those lives, and what you do matters more than any words can convey. Thank you!
What are some ways you battle burnout and refocus on patient care?
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