School Bus Safety

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Learn How to Safely Manage Disruptive Behavior on Your School Bus!

The responsibility of safely transporting students to and from school is an important one. In addition to safely navigating through traffic and weather conditions, you also have to keep your eyes on the students at all times. Sometimes this can be the most challenging part of the job.

If you're looking to address the issue of school bus safety, grab our quick guide, How to Prevent Problem Behavior on Your School Bus. By planning ahead and taking some advance measures, you can ensure the safety of every passenger on your school bus, and prevent problem behavior on the bus before it starts.

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“Every individual on this earth deserves to be treated with compassion, understanding, and the right to keep their dignity intact. This can be difficult to honor at times when someone loses control of their behavior, but that’s where Rational Detachment and not taking it personally really kicks in. What has helped me be able to do this well goes back to the first day I was introduced to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. I was a participant before becoming a Certified Instructor (and before working for CPI), and over the years I have had so many opportunities to use what I learned way back then. Today, I live the skills automatically. It’s an honor to have been given those skills to live the philosophy of treating others the way I want to be treated.”

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