Teens With Trauma Ask: Can You Hear Us Now?

An overwhelming experience that leaves you feeling like you’ve lost controlThis is the definition of trauma in Can You Hear Us Now?, a documentary by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.

As in many communities, inner-city youth in Milwaukee deal with poverty, abuse, neglect, crime, and violence every day.

The effect is trauma, which affects the nervous system and can cause people to react in understandable, though maladaptive ways. According to the landmark ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study, trauma also puts kids at risk of having serious health problems later in life, including alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and heart disease.

To help kids cope with trauma, the Milwaukee Boys & Girls Clubs work to aid teens in reconnecting and developing a sense of hope. The clubs created the Can You Hear Us Now? documentary to give teens a platform for expressing their experiences and talking about what they can do to deal with the things they've witnessed or experienced. Check out the trailer below.

Here are some additional resources to help.

And let us know—what are you doing in your organization or community to help people who carry the weight of trauma?

Image credit: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee


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