Trends in Person-Centered Care for Every Step of the Journey

By Virginia Pflanz | Posted on 06.09.2014 | 0 comments
Recently I attended the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) conference in Phoenix, a national event for owners and operators of assisted living communities, as well as the resource providers, such as Dementia Care Specialists, for those organizations.
I had the privilege of attending a few educational settings and of meeting ALFA members in the Exhibitor Center. I was struck by everyone’s continued dedication to person-centered care and quality of life for all their residents and their families. It's really interesting how these concepts and care models have expanded past just the clinical or activities setting, and are even a part of the approach before a resident is admitted, during the sales nurturing process. 
One on One Consulting, a senior sales consultant company, launched a long-term care CRM software program at ALFA called Sherpa, which generated a lot of buzz among the sales and marketing people I met, as well as the IT companies present. I got to see a demo of the software, which incorporates Sherpa's Prospect-Centered Sellingâ„  approach into a quantifiable sales and nurturing timeline for community representatives, their teammates, and their managers. Check out this video to learn how the tool helps sales teams aid prospective residents and their families as they weigh the pros and cons of choosing a facility. As professionals who are dedicated to the concept that in order to care for someone, you need to know both their cognitive level and their life story, Kim Warchol and I were thrilled to see exactly that information incorporated into the CRM.
The Sherpa CRM made me time-warp back to my own days as a referral manager for a skilled nursing and rehab center. It made me think of how unfocused the old nurturing process was in comparison to the person-centered resources available now. I remember operating in a sea of faxed history and physical reports from hospital discharge planners. The “nurturing” process at the time involved answering questions over the phone and offering a tour of the building.
These days, assisted living community representatives are now able to learn so much more about their prospective residents, and really are able to be the resource we always intended to be. Community representatives help individuals and their families not just with the formal admission process, but also with complex financial situations, family-member mediation, and navigating through the stress of downsizing from a house to an apartment.
Seeing yet another example of the trend toward engaging and supporting residents and their families throughout every step of their journey is pretty incredible. Everywhere I go, whether it's to the ALFA conference, the Environments for Aging conference, or to work together with facilities like Mätterhaus, builders like David Schonberg, and design firms like PDC Midwest, I seem to get jealous on behalf of my former self. If only person-centered care, design, and sales had been such a focus in 2010!

Here's me at the ALFA conference. Keep an eye on our What's Happening page for updates on where I'll be next. I'd love to meet you and hear your thoughts about person-centered care!

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