Real-World Experience Teaches Valuable Skills

By Tony Jace | Posted on 06.23.2014 | 0 comments
As we have every year for a while now, CPI is having interns join us for the summer. It’s always great to have young people starting their professional careers with us. Many of them got their feet wet working fast food or at the grocery store during their teens, but they’ve never had the chance to work in an office environment.

I never had the opportunity to intern but I was integrated into the working world through family. From the age of 10 I worked alongside my dad at his photo-finishing shop. I later worked as a security guard during college, so I know what many of our customers are going through on a daily basis who work in that field.   

Our interns contribute a lot while they’re with us, not only to the departments they report to, but to the company as a whole. They get to experience something new and we get to tap into different perspectives and unique learning experiences.

In turn, we hope they head back to school in the fall with a greater sense of what their life’s path is and that we’ve given them experiences and skills they can use to launch their careers.

It’s one thing to study accounting, marketing, or whatever field they’re focused on, but it’s another to be working side-by-side with others in the real world.

In a way, interning is not unlike our training experience. Blog posts and articles here on our website offer wonderful tips and strategies, but immersing yourself in training gives you an entirely new perspective. It also gives you something you can’t get from reading alone—real-life experience, which is invaluable. When you experience something first-hand, you gain confidence to successfully use what you’ve learned when you need it.

I’m proud to say that my daughter is one of four college students interning with us for the summer. In a way we’ll carry on the tradition of Jaces working together. You should have seen the look of disappointment on her face when I told her she wouldn’t be reporting directly to me. All kidding aside, it’s proving to be an incredible experience for all of us.  

I want to wish all of our interns here at CPI, and those interns where you work, a wonderful summer. Embrace the experience. You help us make the world a better place.       

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