Here's How Enhanced Empowers You With More

This is an exciting time for CPI, a time to hold true to our core values while also refreshing and enriching our training to provide even more options and applications.

Recently I had the chance to go through the first two days of the enhanced Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® course. It was a fun and informative opportunity for me to better grasp the bigger picture of what the changes do for the program.

As a proofreader, I’m used to zeroing in on the details. Ensuring that a certain word or phrase is formatted the same wherever it appears is about as far as my big picture usually goes. So when I first started hearing about the program enhancement initiative, I thought in terms of effects on the wording in workbooks and webpages.

At first, my view of the enhanced program was confined to concerns on the page level and all the ripple effects that could surface in the many, many materials we produce for our Certified Instructors and their participants. I was a bit apprehensive about how all this would affect my work. And I can imagine Instructors feeling something similar when wondering about their own ripple effects, like training requirements and scheduling people to go through the enhanced program.

But the more I heard about the motivation behind these changes and the more I experienced what they bring to the training as a whole, the more I felt excited to be a part of it.

My Expanded Perspective on the Training

The course still rests on the same tried-and-true roots that have supported it through more than 30 years. The difference lies in the additional content. These models and skills are branches that expand options for addressing behaviors. The enhanced content provides:
  1. Further emphasis on prevention. Most of the added content offers more strategies to calm a potential crisis before it can escalate and to defuse a situation at the earliest possible stage.
  2. More response options. I came away with more tools to prevent crises and intervene at the earliest possible stage. There are also more flexible and adaptable options for different levels of risk behavior.
  3. Additional frameworks to help organize thinking. These models support the additional skills, and include the Decision-Making Matrix for assessing and planning interventions and the RESPONSE Continuum℠ to further organize strategies for all behavior levels.
  4. More opportunities for practical application. Activities helped tie together what I learned and let me experience how the training can help from the start of a potential crisis to constructive follow-up after the incident.

Before training, I saw words on a page. Afterwards, I saw the skills and concepts the words manifest. I experienced how the added content connects to the program’s core and fills it out even more with the flexibility of extra tools.

More to Empower You

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program that officially rolls out at the NOLA Instructors’ Conference this summer will be familiar to Certified Instructors. It stays true to the philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠. It focuses on promoting respect, preventing crises whenever possible, and protecting all those involved in tough situations.

I think our team added the enhancements to offer even more useful, practical, and life-changing content to empower those going through our training. The added content offers more response options and tools to determine appropriate interventions for different situations.

An important theme for us at CPI is being more and doing more. Our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program embodies that by offering more to help you go out and do more—for your students, clients, all those you care for. Helping people respect and care for each other, even in difficult situations—that’s what the program is and always will be about.

Certified Instructors, you can find out more about these exciting changes and what they mean for you on our enhanced page and get certified in this program at the NOLA Conference.

If you’re not an Instructor yet and would like to be, you can become certified in this program by attending NOLA this summer.

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