The Positive ROI of Conference: The Benefits of NOLA

By Erin Harris | Posted on 06.12.2015 | 2 comments
You’ve probably heard that we have a huge and exciting event coming up. The 2015 CPI Instructors’ Conference, NOLA – New Options | Lasting Additions, happening July 19–24 in New Orleans, is just around the corner.

Lots of you have been asking how to approach your boss about coming to Conference. You need to be able to demonstrate the value for you and your organization and the people you serve, and you need to know what to expect when you get to NOLA.

“What’s the positive ROI on our budget?” you ask.

As you know, at CPI, we're all about education. We’re educators. We’re trainers. You’re an educator. You’re a trainer. We all educate, we all train, we all learn, and we all grow.

So what can you take away from Conference, whether in training, in sessions, or through networking? Here’s the 411 on the ROI.


More Skills. More Options.

You’ll be one of the first Certified Instructors to experience the awesome enhancements we’ve made to the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program. You’ll get added content, new skills, and more flexibility. Take this all back to your org when you get home and you’ll be making an even more positive difference for your participants and the people in your care. You'll get tools and resources to:
  • Make your trainings more relevant to more staff.
  • Help staff better organize their thinking about risk behavior.
  • Reduce the use of restraint more than ever.

Super Helpful Sessions

On Thursday and Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to attend several dynamic and interactive sessions. CPI staff and other subject matter experts will be talking about everything from dealing with anger, domestic violence, passive-aggressive behavior, power struggles, bullying, and burnout to training like a pro, analyzing staff needs, using eLearning tech, mentoring other staff, and limiting risk and liability.

We have an incredible mix of topics with something for everyone. Our goal is to give you strategies to take back to work and inspire your participants even more. Which brings us to . . . 



I know the best conferences I've been to were the ones that made me eager to take what I learned back to work and dive back into my job with fresh perspective and passion.

And who doesn't benefit from a productivity boost?

You'll return from NOLA with ideas, practices, and resources you can put to use right away. You might find yourself excited about something you've pictured yourself doing but haven't delved into deeply yet. You might get new insight on something you're already very much an expert in. Or maybe you'll discover a new way to get training to stick for your participants.

No matter what, NOLA will be a worthwhile investment in both your organization’s Training Process and in you. Plus, your leadership team will be impressed with all you bring back on topics such as . . .
  • Staff accountability
  • Performance reviews
  • Updating policies and procedures
  • Trends in workplace training
  • Change management

What you learn (and what you teach us and each other!) will help you succeed, and the inspiration will fuel your fire.

Incredible Friends

At every CPI Conference, Instructors give each other support and help both newbies and old-hat trainers feel welcome and part of the CPI family.

Some might call this “networking,” but at CPI, we're more about making friends with people who share our passion for Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security.

Certified Instructors are incredible people. And what we see a lot when we get together with you guys is problem solving. “OMG, I'm trying to do X or Y and it's not working.” Then a fellow Instructor joins the convo and shares knowledge.

So whether you want to add industry connections on LinkedIn, join a CPI chapter after NOLA, or just make a friend who understands your realities, you'll probably find that pal at Conference. And the sharing of knowledge won't stop when you get home, because you can always grab coffee together if you're local, or meet up in the Instructor Community from anywhere.


1-on-1s With CPI Staff

For our part, we can't wait to see you. Our staff, as you probably know, are highly approachable and always willing to answer questions, problem solve an issue, or just say “Hi.” And who doesn’t want to get their photo taken with this handsome guy?


Plus, you'll have the opportunity to meet with training experts like Jude, Lesley, and John Hippe (see the thoughtful chap in purple below) to talk about your implementation plans for sharing the new content with your participants. Because we want to ensure your confidence and success. And who knows, you might get some extra insights into the future of what MORE we're cooking up to help you, your staff, and those in your care.


NOLA, Baby!

Yeah, you'll be busy with Conference, but don't forget about all there is to see and do in New Orleans. OK, this might not be something to email your boss about from the road (unless you happen to solve a work problem while chatting with a fellow Instructor on a Swamp Tour), but Nawlins is a place to have lots of fun after all that learning. Plus there's the Conference Kick-Off Reception on Wednesday, July 22. Then on Thursday, dinner and tunes await you as the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas, graces the stage.


And THEN . . . after dinner, head out on the town for an eventful evening guided by our special NOLA Committee! 

But wait . . . isn’t it going to be hot?

Have no fear! Nawlins native (and your fellow Certified Instructor) Jeff DeMars says:

Where the Conference is located is very near the Mississippi River, so it's not as hot as you have heard it to be. Something about that Mississippi River, it actually generates coolness with all social activities in and around the French Quarter. New Orleans does have just about any tropical drink you desire, with and without alcohol. Every shop on every corner will also have protective gear such as Mardi Gras umbrellas, sunglasses, hats of all kinds and sizes, and COOL clothing! You certainly will be cool at the Sheraton on Canal Street, with Harrah's casino in short walking distance, and the Riverwalk Mall has just recently been renovated to one of the most attractive features in that area. There is soooooooo MUCH coolness about The Big Easy, you will be totally elated!


See all of the above. If you don't find some fun at NOLA, I won't be able to believe it. Just look at what happened in 2013 when Certified Instructors serenaded our prez!


I hope this gives you good insight into all that NOLA offers you and what to consider when talking to the person who's signing off on your ticket and travel. And if you've already been to a CPI Conference, I hope this inspires you to share a bit about the value you've gotten out of a CPI event like this.

Conference is truly a celebration of you and the rest of the CPI family. I hope you'll make it down to NOLA to reap all the positive ROI for you, your organization, and the people in your care.

Here's the link with all the details: Register for Conference

See you there!

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