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The Soul Queen of New Orleans Is Coming to CPI NOLA

“I’ve got the blues, so bad, I could hardly catch my breath.”

We can relate! We’re working so hard getting ready for our big event, we can hardly catch our breath. But this kind of blues is all good, because it belongs to Irma Thomas, and she’ll be gracing our big event—our NOLA Conference!—on July 23.

Now 73, the woman they call the Soul Queen of New Orleans is one of those true living legends you hear about but never dare to think you could meet. With over 35 albums, numerous singles, several guest appearances, and even a couple films, Thomas can trace her musical lineage from her teenage Baptist church choir days in the 1950s to her first single in 1960, the tasty jump blues hit “(You Can Have My Husband But) Don’t Mess with My Man” backed with the ballad “Set Me Free.”

Irma_portrait-1.jpgFrom there, she kept on rockin’, singing, and recording, eventually taking home the Grammy for her 2006 “After the Rain” album and winning a Blues Music Award from the non-profit Blues Foundation for “Soul Blues Female Artist” in both 2013 and 2014.

Thomas’s repertoire spans more than just the soul and blues genres. Her 1962 single, “It’s Raining,” mingles her warm, honeyed tones with a mid-tempo rhythm’n’blues beat, and more recently, she has released gospel albums among her more secular offerings. Do check out her version of “Time Is On My Side,” released the same year as the Rolling Stones’, and her soul masterpiece, “Wish Someone Would Care.”

And stay tuned for a special podcast interview!

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