Many Mornings: One Mission

Some of us walk into a high-rise each morning. Some walk past a glinting wall of gilded names—more on that later. Some of us scan the windows’ sweeping view for sunrises or interesting clouds, or make a beeline for the coffee machine or the tea. Still more of us wake up in a different city each week as we teach program after program, empowering people all over the country and the world.
We’re a global company with all kinds of mornings, but we all share something in common: We believe in Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ for all, and we all put people at the heart of what we do.
We celebrate people, like all those whose names grace our Hall of Merit. Each golden plaque is a shining example of their passion and dedication and all the people they’ve inspired and lives they’ve touched. Each name holds a story.
Every name on that wall is a person that embraces and embodies our values and training. They spread the message of treating everyone with respect and doing everything possible to maintain a safe work environment, deliver the best quality of care, and prevent crisis situations. They have the range of tools to best respond to whatever they face each day. They tirelessly train others, always helping, striving, inspiring. They are the Meritorious, and we admire them and their wonderful work.

We admire all Certified Instructors and all educators, youth workers, health care professionals, social workers, caregivers . . . everyone that helps, guides, encourages, protects, and cheers people day in and day out. You are our heroes.
We feel blessed to be a resource for you, a place for help, support, and collaboration (on the phone, online, and in person). It’s all about helping you and the good work you do in your communities. It’s what we’ve always been about and what we rise each morning to do, even 35+ years later.
You make the stories come alive and branch out into countless others as you foster safe and respectful environments and shine a light in the lives of the people you support, like sunbeams splintering through the clouds and spreading, reflecting on everyone they touch. Thank you.
Each morning, we go on. We all go on, doing our part to make the world a better place.

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