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Took some much needed R&R last week. But it seems that even when I am “off the road” I am still “on the road”. We took a trip up to the Wisconsin Dells for a bit of spring break. My mother and father had taken us to the Dells back in the day before water parks even existed. I think that was back when people went there to really see the Dells and not all the attractions that surround it. We actually did go for a walk between water slides and found the surrounding natural area to be really beautiful even in the bleakness and grey of late winter.


We went to one of the big water parks and got a screaming deal on a two-bedroom condo that slept ten. The deal included free pizza, chicken wings, bowling and all the chlorine you could handle. I don’t know if you have ever been to a water park but you had better be fit. The experience involves walking up what seems like innumerable stairs with an oversized inflatable until you’re sure that you are about to collapse from total cardiac arrest. This is followed by the sensation of having a stroke while you plunge down tubes, slides and something they call the “toilet bowl” until the ride spits you out on the other side. If you haven’t passed out by the smell of chorine by this time, you are free to walk around and be doused by a million kids manning all sorts of water-spraying contraptions.


This time of the year most of the restaurants and businesses are still closed for the winter, so your choices are limited. There is the authentic German restaurant on Main Street that serves chilidogs, pizza and light beer. How they claim to be a German restaurant is beyond me. Then there is the Mexican restaurant that serves……chili tacos, Mexican pizza and el light cerveza. Not to be outdone is the ribs and chicken joint that also serves all of the above, except that they are fresh out of ribs and chicken.


Sometimes it’s better to go “in season” to these places when everything is open, variety is great, selections are many and the weather is gorgeous. You only have to deal with the crowds and high prices. Sometimes it’s better to go when it’s convenient and your schedule allows. Sometimes it is just better to go.

Better go get helpful hints about behavior management.