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Teamwork and Partnering With Parents and Families

Respectful collaboration and consensus decision making among parents, family members, and staff are essential to the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) process. Within school settings in particular, parents play such a pivotal role within the team. And yet busy work schedules, a wealth of Precipitating Factors, and intimidation over the process and language of PBIS could be significant barriers to their active participation.


Some key factors to aid in the development of an effective PBIS team include:

  • Involving all stakeholders in a meaningful way
  • Commitment to a person-centered approach
  • Agreement on the behavior(s) to target
  • Clearly defining goals for intervention
  • Utilizing procedures to keep things moving along and on track
  • Ensuring everyone understands their role and responsibilities
  • Opening lines of communication before, during, and after team or committee meetings
  • Use of a meeting facilitator and minutes taker
  • Preplanned agendas and time frames for meetings of the team

What other keys to team success have you discovered in your journey of implementing PBIS? What tools and strategies have you used to get over those hurdles?


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