Chicken Soup for the Trainer’s Goal

By Dan Lonigro | Posted on 03.19.2012 | 7 comments

It's official. I'm dying a slow, painful death. I woke up this morning with a hellacious head cold and remembered that I had to work for a living. The two things I find the most difficult when I’m ill are flying and training. Actually, I hate flying on a good day, and airports are on a list whose name I will not mention. Training while sick is challenging at the least.

So here I sit in my connecting airport city of Phoenix nursing a six-dollar bowl of soup. I have to nurse it because if I actually took a full spoonful, I would empty the bowl in one gulp. Airport food portions are not proportionate to the price you pay. Yet another situation that belongs on my list.

I started my illness-recovery system as soon as the cold hit me last night. You know the drill: chicken soup, hot showers, and the required medicinal glass of brandy. Bless my dear mother for turning me on to that golden bit of homespun care. Cursing viruses and whining like a baby are additional options, but only if they make you feel better. It seems that if you ask a hundred people what they do to treat a cold, you'll get a hundred different answers. Getting and feeling better is more or less tailored to the individual.

The same applies to Certified Instructors when they have to train while suffering from a minor illness like a cold. You have the date set, the room ready, and participants are expecting you to perform. But you are not at your best. Unless you have a raging stomach flu, you probably don't want to cancel, especially when your organization, your staff, and your boss are depending on you. So . . . how do you handle it? What are your personal remedies for doing your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training when you’re not feeling your best? Any and all ideas are welcome in the Comments section below. Your input would certainly make me feel better!


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