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Results from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) phone survey of over 95,000 parents indicate that one in 50 US kids has autism. Another CDC study based on medical data indicates that one in 88 children has autism.

Regardless of statistics, no matter how many kids have differences in communication and behavior, one thing is sure: More and more children, educators, and families need help with ways to meet unique skill sets, needs, preferences, interests, dreams, and learning styles.

As I Google the word autism and yield 63,900,000 search results, one more thing is clear: There are tons and tons of resources available. And the profusion can be overwhelming.

Never fear, the CPI autism staff is here to help! One particularly powerful resource is this awareness-raising video that highlights the difficulty individuals with autism often have with processing multisensory experiences.

Read more about autism training on our Knowledge Base page.

Every week, the participants we train in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program and our advanced courses like Autism Spectrum Disorders: Applications of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training share with us amazing videos like this, as well as articles, websites, and other resources. With an eye out for patterns and trends, we compile the best resources and share them here.
Here are 17 of our favorites:
  1. AAPC Publishing
    A great source for resource books.

    Formerly known as OASIS, this is a great site for families, individuals, and care professionals.

  3. Autism Ambassadors
    Curriculum for peer-to-peer social-skill building.

  4. Autism Internet Modules
    Fantastic training modules you can register to access. OCALI also puts on a great reasonably priced conference every November in Columbus, OH.

  5. Autism Link
    Subscribe to this free listserv and tailor your subscription to your preferred topics and location.

  6. Autism Society
    This organization advocates for awareness with publications, programs, and National Autism Awareness Month, which is coming up in April.

  7. Autism Speaks
    The 100 Day Kit is great for parents with a newly diagnosed child.

  8. Autism Spectrum Quarterly
    Every issue of this journal is loaded with information.

  9. Donna Williams
    This self-advocate has authored nine books on ASD. Her website offers some good articles too.

  10. Future Horizons
    This company specializes in books, videos, and conferences on autism.

  11. Good Friend Inc.
    This nonprofit educates students on what it means to be a good friend with someone with autism.

  12. GRASP: The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership
    A positive and person-centered website on Asperger’s Syndrome with lots of practical resources.

  13. Model Me Kids
    Among a variety of videos for modeling social skills, the Model Me Kids website features this piece with a good strength-based message:

  14. NPR
    Search NPR’s website for archived recordings and transcripts of interviews with self-advocate Temple Grandin.

  15. SET—Special Education Technology (British Colombia)
    Free, downloadable visual supports.

  16. The Special Needs Project
    A clearinghouse of information—particularly books, videos, educational supplies, and sensory items.

  17. Temple Grandin
    Check out self-advocate Temple Grandin’s website.
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