4 Things Twitter Taught Me About Elder Care

At any moment in the online world, you can catch a snippet that unfolds to a wonderful idea. This week I saw four such snippets around the topic of elder care on Twitter—that is, #eldercare.
  1. #Eldercarechat. What's more to the point than a dedicated Twitter chat? Discuss eldercare-specific issues for one hour in this informative, biweekly Wednesday chat hosted by @Seniors4Living and @caregiving. In addition, you'll find new friends among family caregivers, industry professionals, and subject-matter experts. Not sure what a Twitter chat is? Here's a handy guide.

  2. Where's your Alzheimer's buddy? In our quest to create a Dementia Capable Society, it's heartening to have the Buddy Program. Medical students are paired with persons who have Alzheimer's to help them see the all-important human face of the disease, not just words in a textbook. Students learn about the daily life of Alzheimer's through their "mentors," and the mentors are happy to be able to share their experiences. Thanks to @Greg_Haag for finding this!

  3. Helping seniors write about their lives. Laura Hahn of @arthurandbernie has a wealth of stories from her Pop Pop, Bernie, who passed away last fall at age 96. With almost 30 years together, she was regaled with tales from blind dates to the Great Depression. A researcher with Scripps Aging, she's now involved in a project with Kate de Medeiros: Writing workshops for older adults. With an open format and friendly feel, seniors are eager to express and share past moments. In turn, this setting helps foster engagement and interest in the present. Also follow: @ScrippsAging, @AARP, and @geronsociety.
  4. In one word, what has dementia taught you? You might have seen this on our Dementia Care Facebook page. I brought the question over to our Twitter followers to hear what they had to say, too. In the words of @MsJboogie (who tweeted them one at a time to fit the format), dementia has taught her patience, compassion, and love. Also follow @SandyAlz for Alzheimer's support.

    Alzheimers Support

What has dementia taught you? Tweet it to us @CPI_Training or follow the Facebook link, for we want to hear what you think.

I hope these ideas have inspired you in your own home, facility, or community. Come back for more! And do follow us on Twitter, too.

Don't want to let us go just yet? Check out this resource about communicating with persons who have dementia.

What elder care resources have you seen on Twitter lately?

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