New VT Bill to Protect People in Mental Health Crisis

By Crisis Prevention Institute | March 13, 2014 | Vermont | Pending | 0 comments
A new bill in Vermont, Senate Bill 309 [PDF], is intended to protect people in mental health crisis when emergency procedures are required.

The bill requires staff who may be involved in emergency involuntary procedures to receive facility-specific training and to have demonstrated knowledge in how to:
  • Use nonphysical intervention skills.
  • Perform trauma-informed care.
  • Choose the least restrictive intervention based on the circumstances of the person in care.
SB 309 also requires facilities to have staff trainers who are qualified, as evidenced by their education, training, and experience, in interventions used to address escalating behaviors. Staff records are to be kept, documenting that staff have had training and have demonstrated competency in the appropriate training. Staff trainers are also required to meet regularly to improve processes and review training needs.
If passed, SB 309 will be effective on July 1, 2014.
We will continue to monitor this bill and post updates as they develop.

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