What Is Blanket Coverage?

What’s blanket coverage, you ask? Blanket coverage refers to the acceptance of the CEU approvals of one board by another board. Blanket approvals assist licensed professionals and governing boards in ensuring that quality training is the most important aspect of continuing education. Let’s take a look at some examples to get a better understanding of this concept, and how it applies.

Imagine this scenario:

A nurse takes a continuing education training program. Upon completion of the training, the nurse discovers that the training is not directly approved by their governing board of nursing.

Oh no!! What will become of our healthcare hero?

Suddenly the nurse realizes that the training is approved by another governing board of nursing. The nurse wonders, Can this information help in any way?

The answer is Yes!

The board that governs the nurse accepts training that’s approved by other governing nursing boards. Blanket coverage has saved the day!

This is just one example of how blanket coverage works. Another fantastic thing about it is that it can also cross the boundaries of profession-specific trainings.


Training approved by a governing board of social work may be accepted by a governing board of nursing. The key focal point is the quality and the validity of the training.

Yet generally speaking, governing boards actually intentionally make it difficult for licensed professionals to find acceptable training for continuing education credit—because the intent is to ensure that the training quality is measured to a specific standard. Training should complete the objectives of renewing principles that are specific to each profession, and/or address new and innovative concepts on the forefront of professional development for that field.

Blanket coverage is not accepted by all professions, or even by each individual board in each specific profession. For example, some state boards of certain professions will not accept the approvals of the national board of the same profession. So it’s the responsibility of each participant to remain informed of the rules and regulations of their professional board.

Blanket coverage is just another way to keep licensed professionals warm and cozy with CEU approvals for quality training.

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, I am Roshawn Key and I will CEU later!

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