Cyberbullying? This App Helps You STOPit

Students with STOPit can report cyberbullying easily and anonymously. The app offers simplified solutions for bringing incidents to the attention of trusted adults and accessing help and support anytime.

Last year, New Jersey high schools adopted STOPit. Riding on its success, the app has spread to other schools within 13 states and will cascade into more.

Besides becoming part of more schools’ anti-bullying initiatives, STOPit is adding features. Todd Schobel, founder of the company behind the app, shared some updates in an article.

He said the latest version “incorporates new features based upon feedback by students, parents and schools."

Schobel added that since implementing STOPit, schools have seen the number of online bullying incidents drop.

The company is looking ahead to help deflate the volume of cyberbullying situations in even more schools, as well as adapt the app for colleges and workplaces.

Read more about the app, and browse a host of bullying prevention resources for school staff and students.

What anti-bullying measures does your school take? Feel free to share in the comments.

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