Pending Massachusetts Legislation HB 1687, Requiring Risk Assessment by Health Care Employers

By Crisis Prevention Institute | March 01, 2016 | Massachusetts | Pending | 0 comments
Pending Massachusetts HB 1687 [PDF] requires all health care employers to undertake a risk assessment of all factors which may put any of their employees at risk of workplace assaults and homicide.
Based on their findings, employers shall then be required to develop and implement a program to minimize the danger of workplace violence to employees, including: 
  • Employee training and a system for the ongoing reporting and monitoring of incidents and situations involving violence or the risk of violence.
  • The development of a written violence prevention plan setting forth the employer’s workplace violence prevention plan.
  • The development and support of an in-house crisis response team for employees who are victims of workplace violence.

CPI Training Can Help Your Organization Comply With the Proposed Legislation
CPI offers training and resources to help health care organizations meet legislative mandates like the requirement to minimize workplace violence in the proposed Massachusetts bill. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training equips staff with techniques for both the prevention of and the safe use of restraint. With a focus on prevention, the program can help you make staff and students safer.

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