South Dakota Rules DOE Title 24 to Prohibit Restraint and Seclusion

By Terry Vittone | March 16, 2016 | South Dakota | Pending | 0 comments
New rules prohibiting restraint and seclusion in South Dakota schools under DOE Title 24 [PDF] were considered on March 14, 2016 at a Board of Education hearing for adoption.
The proposed rules:
  • Apply to all private and non-private schools accredited by the Department of Education.
  • Ban seclusion and restraint for discipline purposes and only allow them as a last resort.
  • Prohibit mechanical and chemical restraint.
  • Mandate annual training for all school employees who may need to administer emergency safety interventions.
  • Training must consist of:
                 1. Proper use of positive reinforcement;
                 2. The continuum of use for alternative behavioral interventions;
                 3. Crisis prevention;
                 4. De-escalation strategies for responding to inappropriate or dangerous behavior.

CPI Training Can Help Your School Comply With the Proposed Legislation
CPI offers training and resources to help schools meet legislative mandates like the training requirements proposed in the South Dakota rules. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training equips staff with techniques for both the prevention of and the safe use of restraint. With a focus on prevention, the program can help you make staff and students safer.

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