Will You Be “Part of the Main”?

By Gary Weber | Posted on 03.17.2016 | 0 comments
“No man is an island entire of itself,” wrote poet John Donne. Every person is “a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”
Donne’s words are often quoted to express the interconnection and interdependence of human beings. His words remind us that human beings do not thrive in isolation.
Donne, of course, was writing metaphysically about all of humanity. However, his words have meaning for us on a professional level, as well. Are each of us not, also, part of a larger professional community? Doesn't each individual become more through tapping into the collective and cumulative knowledge of the whole? And doesn’t the whole community grow only through the contributions of the individuals?
Professional associations exist for all of our disciplines. Many of us are members of these organizations because we recognize the benefits that come with membership and the opportunities to contribute to our profession.
At the end of your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® certification program, you automatically became a member of a very unique professional organization: The CPI Instructor Association. The common thread binding members is not defined by affiliation with any one particular professional field. Rather, members of the CPI Instructor Association are bound by their commitment to serve the needs of others guided by the philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠.
At CPI, we established the CPI Instructor Association because we recognize the power in Donne’s message. We can do more—we can be more—together. 
As a Certified Instructor, you take on significant responsibilities and challenges. Training staff—for many of us without any former teaching training or experience. Helping improve staff performance in managing difficult behaviors safely and effectively. Fostering a culture of care and respect and dignity for all. Establishing and maintaining a culture of care is not accomplished through teaching a one-day program, is it? 
Fortunately, you are not alone. As a member of the CPI Instructor Association, you have access to the resources developed by CPI. But your benefits go far beyond these resources. You have the potential to access the knowledge, insights, and resources of over 30,000 Certified Instructors from all over the world. In addition, you have the potential to contribute your ideas and solutions to help these other professionals, perhaps helping to improve care for dozens—or hundreds—of other people.
Yet this potential will only be realized if you embrace your membership. If you actively participate. If you seek out and access the resources that are provided. If you take from and give to the whole. If you are not an island, but a piece of the continent.

So, will you do it?
Will you be part of the main?
To get started, learn more about your benefits as a member of the CPI Instructor Association by calling us at 877.877.5390. You can also log in to your Instructor Community. And be sure to check out The Top 10 Benefits of Instructor Certification!

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