What Our Customers Say About the Prepare Training® Program

If you’re a Certified Instructor, you know that we value your feedback very much. And with our Prepare Training® program, our Annual Certified Instructor Survey is one of the best ways we can compile your feedback.

Our thanks to all of you who completed the 2016 survey. We appreciate the time you took to provide valuable insight! Your feedback revealed many interesting trends. 

When asked about organizational motivations for offering the Prepare Training® program to employees,
  • Well over 90% of Instructors rated either regulatory or legislative compliance, recent incidents, or relevant staff problem solving as key reasons for teaching the Prepare Training® program.
  • Over 55% of Certified Instructors indicated that organizational policy was the leading factor. 
  • 56% of Instructors also pointed to continuing education as a leading factor.
When asked to consider Certified Instructor experience with placing orders, availability of professional consultation and support, and quality of materials, 93% of Certified Instructors reported their customer service experience as either “excellent” or “good.” A similar trend is seen with Instructors’ experience with crisisprevention.com. 86% of Instructors reported their positive experience with the website’s ease of use, simplicity in documenting training hours, and quality of resources.
In considering the frequency, electronic delivery method, and quality of information involved in the quarterly newsletter, over 70% of Prepare Training® Certified Instructors rated the PrepareNow eNewsletter as either “excellent” or “good.”
We received a wide variety of responses when we asked Certified Instructors to identify three factors that have been most helpful about CPI’s Prepare Training® program in their role as Certified Instructors or in their authorized organizations. These factors included:

  • Quality and structure of materials
  • Quality and structure of training
  • Diverse Topic Modules
  • Consistency in the information shared through all the Topic Modules
  • The Foundation Course structure is easy to understand and apply
  • Number of Topic Modules available
One Instructor even wrote, “I love the Instructor booklets!” We’re happy to hear that you value the training materials we create to help you teach our violence prevention strategies.  

How to train
  • The program is based in common sense and its organizational models are easy for me to teach and participants to understand
  • Easy to instruct
  • Easy to documenting training online
  • Training delivery methods and techniques
  • Thorough training modalities.
  • Working with fellow Certified Instructors and CPI’s Global Professional Instructors
  • Creating opportunities for staff to share their difficult experiences. Great way to learn from each other!
  • Giving people tools to help with approaching conflict and potentially violent situations
  • Learning to solve problems in work environments
  • Becoming a better communicator
  • Giving a consistent approach to situations
  • Giving a chance to get to know new staff
  • Offering clear ways to handle issues
  • Making me personally feel more confident at working through situations
  • Making other staff feel more comfortable coming to me with problems
  • Giving staff the opportunity to have better discussions about incidents
  • Providing a common language across a service area
  • Identifying the need to be supportive to anxious persons
  • Giving strategies for being directive
  • Being more mindful about how all of us interact with one another
  • Consistent and inclusive language
  • Easily remembered approaches
  • Identifying levels of behavior
  • Providing a strong framework to start the conversation about how to de-escalate situations with customers
Continued Learning/Support
  • Ability to attend refresher training
  • The Training Center and all the other online resources
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Additional ongoing support available as well as resources
  • Quick turnaround with questions
  • Easy-to-use teaching materials, website for support, and training ideas
  • Supporting ongoing policy and procedures and giving staff an opportunity to share experiences and de-escalation strategies
When asked if there were any aspects of the Prepare Training® program you would like to see changed, the vast majority of Certified Instructors said either “no,” “not at all,” or “it’s all good.”
In rating their overall experience as a Prepare Training® Certified Instructor, close to 97% of Certified Instructors rated their experience as either “good” or “excellent.”

Also check out the results from a different survey conducted through TechValidate.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to tell us what YOU think of the Prepare Training® program! Join the Instructor Community today and share your experience.

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