Random Notes

By Dan Lonigro | Posted on 05.01.2009 | 0 comments

Just a few quick notes as things have become a little hectic lately. Doesn’t seem like the economy lets human service take a break. And crisis has a way of ignoring the Dow Jones Industrial.


Working on several projects including training. It’s kinda nice to have variety in your work life even though you are going in many different directions. I need to be on a plane on Friday for a weekend training seminar. Kind of unusual because even Professional Staff Instructors sometimes fall into the rut of Monday through Friday, nine to five.


A little hesitant to go into a crowded airport and get on a stuffy plane with all the swine flu fears. The news anchors don’t seem to take a break either when it comes to incessantly reporting the same story over and over again until you are absolutely sure that the tickle in your throat is the beginning of the end. Not quite sure if I should take precautions during my travel. Those namby-pamby masks just don’t do it for me. I was actually considering just walking around with a diaper over my head. Not only would it do a much better job of filtering the air, but people would avoid me like the plague. And isn’t that the whole idea anyway. To keep possibly infected people away from you.


Several of my colleagues have been working in the office on special projects as well. When you are in the office, you can always tell who the Professional Staff Instructors are. We are the ones with the look of confusion on our faces as we constantly look for a flipchart to write something on. We have bags packed, cars gassed and pointed in the direction of the airport. You can overhear us muttering something about passport photos and connecting flights, but we don’t seem to make any sense.


Looking forward to my trip so that I can share my experiences on this blog. Any topical requests?


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