Tennessee House Bill 1336: Special Education Behavioral Supports Act

By Crisis Prevention Institute | May 13, 2011 | Tennessee | In Effect | 0 comments
The Tennessee House Bill 1336 was adopted on June 10, 2011. It renames the “Special Education Isolation and Restraint Modernization and Positive Behavioral Supports Act” as the “Special Education Behavioral Supports Act.”

The bill requires school staff to be trained by a behavior intervention training program that, at minimum, provides the following:
  • Training in evidence-based techniques shown to be effective in the prevention of isolation and physical restraint.
  • Training in evidence-based techniques shown to be effective in keeping both school personnel and students safe when imposing physical restraint or isolation.
  • Evidence-based skills training on positive behavioral interventions and supports, conflict prevention, functional behavior assessments, de-escalation, and conflict management.
  • Certification for school personnel in the techniques and skills which shall be required to be renewed on a periodic basis.

CPI can help you meet the Tennessee requirements.
CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program offers proven strategies for the safe management of disruptive, assaultive, and out-of-control behavior. By giving educators the skills to guide students toward more positive behavioral choices, the training can be an effective part of an overall Positive Behavior Support system.

See the programs CPI has scheduled in your area.

Read Tennessee’s HB 1336.


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