Boston School Amplifies Achievement With Expanded Learning Time

A school in Boston is using principles from its special education department to inform its inclusive approach to Expanded Learning Time (ELT).

Begun in 2006 in 10 Massachusetts public schools, ELT lengthens the school day and is designed to improve learning.

Edwards Middle School’s ELT program is based on the principle that each student is an individual with a unique learning style. According to a blog post by Craig Haas, the school’s special education administrator, essential elements of the program include “teacher observation, student reporting, student work products, testing, and parent communication.”

These components work together to ensure that during the school’s ELT time, all students with a variety of abilities from a range of backgrounds get instruction tailored to their individual needs.

Student achievement data indicates that between 2006 and 2012, math proficiency increased by 150% and the average suspension rate decreased by close to 40%.

Read Haas’s Edutopia post about how his school’s ELT program has boosted student achievement, cohesion, confidence, and attendance rates.

Learn more about Massachusetts’ Expanded Learning Time initiative.

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