Therapists: Help Us Create a Dementia Capable Society!

Hey there! I wanted to tell you about a great time I had co-teaching our Dementia Therapy Intermediate training program last week. Our group of participants are part of the dementia care solution, as evidenced by their efforts to nurture their expertise and foster their passion for our shared mission to improve quality of life for people with dementia.
These exceptional therapists committed their time to learning more about how to evaluate and treat those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and they are on the road to becoming Dementia Capable Care Therapists (DCCTs).
In the training, they learned more about Claudia Allen’s Cognitive Disabilities Model, as well as how to work with people with dementia who have comorbidities, or other health problems like mood and behavior disturbances and psychiatric illnesses.  
It was so much fun to both teach and to learn from this great group. I’m thrilled that these experts will be available as professional members of our Dementia Capable Network. The practitioners in our Dementia Capable Network are paramount to our mission to create a Dementia Capable Society. These proficient leaders have the skills to support and advise families and other care partners and to facilitate the maximum level of functional independence and safety for people with Alzheimer’s/dementia. And that's central to maximizing quality of life for everyone affected by the disease.
Check out the video below featuring Sandy, who really represents the heart and passion of the elite group we trained last week. Sandy is an occupational therapist dedicated to helping people with dementia to thrive.
If you’re affected by dementia in any way—whether you’re a professional care partner or a family care partner or a friend to someone with dementia or you have a form of dementia yourself, I know that Sandy will fill you with hope and inspiration.
And if you’re a therapist or a professional care partner, I invite you to join us for training, and to join us in our mission. Be sure to check out my recent post, Be Part of the Solution: Join Our Dementia Capable Network. I urge you to take the pledge to help us create a Dementia Capable Society!

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