Ashton Manor: A Distinguished Provider in Memory Care

Congratulations to Ashton Manor for receiving Dementia Care Specialists’ Distinguished Provider award!
We’ve recognized the assisted living community with the highest credential in memory care because the staff excel at helping their residents enjoy the greatest level of function, safety, and quality of life. Each staff member is specially trained in the care of those who have Alzheimer's and dementia, and the facility’s individualized programs are custom-designed to enable each resident to function at the highest possible level. 
Dementia Care Specialists president and founder Kim Warchol presented Ashton’s leadership team with the award at a special recognition ceremony on May 22.
“Distinguished Provider status is a seal of approval from industry leaders,” Kim said at the ceremony. The status honors facilities’ commitment to the Dementia Capable Care training philosophy, as well as their commitment to an abilities-based approach that maximizes health, safety, dignity, and quality of life for people who have dementia.
“We believe that the best way to help people at every stage of the disease is to build abilities-based, person-centered care around understanding what someone’s life was like—in order to make their life better now,” Ashton Manor owner David Schonberg says.   

With over five million Americans living with dementia, and many more projected to develop the disease, the quality of care provided by Distinguished Providers serves as a model by which to elevate the standard of memory care. To receive this special recognition, Ashton Manor meets strict application requirements and demonstrates ongoing compliance to quality and training standards.

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Find out more about David Schonberg’s winning strategy for memory care.

For more information about Distinguished Providers, contact Robert D. Rettmann, CPI’s director of research and communications, at 414.979.7075 or

Image: Ashton Manor

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